Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIPs and Books: Tom Sawyer

I'm borrowing this idea from a blog I ardently follow, Crafts from the Cwtch. Almost every Wednesday, the author discusses her works in progress as well as what books she's reading.

This afternoon I checked the audiobook of Tom Sawyer out from the library, and settled down with my knitting needles and yarn to give it a try. It's not my first introduction to Mark Twain; I read his Joan of Arc a year or two ago and loved it, for the most part. But I needed something besides Artemis Fowl to listen to and Tom Sawyer looked (and is proving to be) enjoyable.

I listened to it for about an hour before dinner, while I finished my Instant Gratification Scarf I started on Monday. I could easily have finished it Monday night or Tuesday, but I was too busy spinning to knit at all yesterday.

But now it's done, and not exactly worthy of being called a WIP anymore, but I'll still include it as one so it can fit into this post.

It probably took me a total of 3 and a half hours to knit. Again, I used US15 needles and Knitpicks Full Circle Bulky held double throughout. It's really, really long; I'll be able to wear it as pictured above looped once loosely or wrapped two or three times around. It's very soft and cosy, and I hope we'll have some more cold days so I can wear it before next November. 
This is the third or fourth pattern to be started with this yarn; I just couldn't find the right pattern for it. But this turned out perfectly! 

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