Thursday, February 21, 2013

Still Learning

It's amazing how you can have a hobby- take knitting- that you think you know everything about. You already know so much that you can't possibly learn more things. And then, you find another few hundred tricks and techniques you have yet to discover.

A couple of days ago I discovered the amazing Picot Bind-off. Or rather, I discovered how painstakingly easy it is. I needed to know the technique before I bound off for my Holden Shawlette (of course, that's not gonna happen any time soon, because I'm not even to the lace section yet) and I thought I may as well learn it.

I looked at a couple of videos on Youtube and picked up my knitting needles. An hour later, I was blocking a little notions bag I had made to practice the method.
It was simple to make and actually pretty boring until I got to the bind off. I'm using it to hold my stitch markers, until I make a more visually attractive one, at any rate. But it served its purpose as a way to learn the Picot Bind-off. 

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